What has HBOT of Idaho seen low pressure HBOT (mHBOT) help?

What has HBOT of Idaho seen low pressure HBOT (mHBOT) help?

We often get inquires about whether we have personally seen results using low pressure hyperbarics for various conditions. The following are examples of conditions we have seen significant improvement using mHBOT, and therapies that we felt complemented the positive results.

Recent concussion – mHBOT 10 sessions – showed significant reduction in headaches and light sensitivity. Adjunctive therapies: CBG by PrimeMyBody was very helpful in reducing headache severity, B complex vitamin (Nutridyn), Omega3s, increased healthy fat intake.

< 14-yr old traumatic brain injury (TBI) – mHBOT 40 sessions in 1 month – patient displayed significant positive changes on qEEG and clinical symptom improvement in attention and memory. Adjunctive therapies: neurofeedback, Red light, Omega3s, B Complex vitamin, CDP Choline, CBG, l-carnitine, CellCore products.

Stroke – mHBOT 10 sessions – significant improvement. mHBOT 40 sessions – near fully recovery of speech and walking ability. Adjunctive therapies: PEMF, red light, Nattokinase.

Alzheimer’s Disease – mHBOT 40 sessions over 2 months – saw improvements in mood, sleep quality and duration, memory, and renewed interest in hobbies. Adjunctive therapies: PEMF, Red light, whole-food plant-based diet, tested for exposure to non-heavy metal chemicals (Great Plains Lab), MCT, B vitamins, check cholesterol (we often see this is low).

Vascular necrosis – mHBOT 30 sessions in 1 month – saw bone growth from pre- to post-x-ray. Adjunctive therapies: PEMF, red light, GHK-Cu peptide, FIR sauna, Lumbrokinase, BoneBuilder (Garden of Life).

avoided knee surgery: mHBOT 40 sessions in 1 month. Adjunctive therapies: red light and PEMF.

relief from neuro-lyme- mHBOT 40 sessions in 1 month – patient experienced significant increase in energy and cognitive function. Adjunctive therapies: PEMF, red light, fulvic and humic acid.

Pneumonia: mHBOT 20 sessions in 2 weeks with antibiotic- despite having pneumonia, showed increased lung capacity after mHBOT in pre to post-test.

Autism – mHBOT 40 sessions in 1 month – patient showed significant improvements in social function, critical thinking, increased imaginative play, and reduced impulsivity. Adjunctive therapies: PEMF/red-light pad inside chamber on brainstem and stomach, methyl-B12 shots were crucial to success, CellCore products.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – mHBOT 40 sessions in 1 month revealed reduction of thyroglobulin antibody, and clinical symptom improvement in 75% of patients who used mHBOT and 100% of patients who used mHBOT + red light.

Avoided rotator-cuff surgery – mHBOT 40 sessions in 1 month – patient was able to move arm without pain. Adjunctive therapies: Shoulder showed reduced mobility after wound healed with mHBOT and addition of PEMF helped this issue significantly.

Cerebral Palsy – mHBOT 40 sessions in 1 month showed improvements in gross and fine motor function, improvements in sleep, reduced anxiety. The positive effect on walking seemed to regress after 1-month post treatment; long-term ongoing treatment may be needed to maintain this benefit.

reduced inflammation – a number of patients have seen reductions in CRP after 40 mHBOT sessions in 1 and 2 months, respectively.

Reduced pain after surgery – we have seen positive results both with pain that has lingered for years after surgery and faster recovery times from surgery itself.

Reversal of insulin resistance – mHBOT 30 sessions over the course of 2 months. Adjunctive therapies: PEMF, red light, whole-food plant-based diet.

Decreased onset to sleep and increased quality of sleep

Reduction in pain from arthritis in hips, hands and back – Adjunctive therapies: PEMF, red light, biomolecular oxygen (CellCore), CBG/CBD.

Improvements in various autoimmune conditions – mHBOT 20-80 sessions Adjunctive therapies: PEMF and red light tend to enhance results.

Reversal of cirrhosis of the liver & biopsy confirmed transition from Stage 2 liver failure to Stage 1 – mHBOT 60 sessions

Reduced depression and anxiety

Improved bowel function, reduced bloat, and decreased occurrence of GERD

Have a specific condition you are curious about or wondering whether healthy people can benefit from mHBOT? Contact us at info@hbotidaho.com or text/call 2082024025.

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