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Integrative Medicine Therapy

Perform Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions in a clinic with technicians willing to assist or perform HBOT at home. The Choice is Yours.



The rental of equipment includes the costs of round-trip shipping and assembly. We also educate patients on how to use equipment. This service takes ~60 minutes and is provided in your home at no additional cost.

Professional care


We offer complementary consults for patients interested in learning more. Consulting for clinics interested in incorporating hyperbaric oxygen, PEMF, red light or sauna therapies is also available.

HBOT rentals for the home in Boise, Idaho

Oxygen Therapy In The Comfort Of Your Home

We offer mHBOT rentals to patients interested in trying a more cost effective and convenient form of hyperbarics before proceeding with higher pressure treatment. In the event patients are not fully satisfied with the results obtained using mHBOT in their home, we do offer a 15% discount on all future high pressure HBOT sessions performed at our clinic location in Boise, Idaho. This plan is motivated by our mission statement:  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Idaho was founded with the goal of bringing deep healing to the chronically ill by providing high quality, evidence-based, safe and affordable access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a clinic environment and in the comfort of your home.

Some of the most common healings we have seen with low pressure include wound healing so profound surgery is cancelled, memory improvement so great patients no longer meet criteria for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, recovery from significant complications of stroke, reversal of insulin resistance, significant reductions in chronic pain.

Is Low Pressure Hyperbarics Right For You?

One of the most common questions we receive is whether low pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy has the same potential for healing as higher pressure (HBOT). Granted, there are certain conditions we believe are best suited for higher pressure HBOT, we have success with a range of conditions using lower pressure, often termed mild- hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mHBOT). Interestingly, a number of patients we see have autoimmune conditions. One possibility is patients with compromised immune systems reduces their ability to handle the higher levels of oxidative stress associated with higher pressure HBOT. In fact, it is not uncommon for our patients with autoimmune disorders or high toxic burden to take antioxidants to lower the oxidative stress associated with even lower pressure hyperbarics (mHBOT). Furthermore, we have seen patients that have significant detoxification issues and higher pressure HBOT is something their bodies are prepared to handle. Patients we have seen do well with lower pressure (mHBOT) include children with autism, Lyme disease (especially those with active infections), mold toxicity, cancer (mHBOT is used as an adjunctive and never a primary therapeutic modality), EBV, and patients with pulmonary complications like COPD.

We offer a range of other wellness technologies

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Still unsure of whether hyperbarics is right for you? Book a complementary consultation with us today: we will help you determine whether we can help and if not, who we know that may be able.