Near-Infrared & Red-light panel by LEDPlatinum4
Near-Infrared & Red-light panel by LEDPlatinum7
Near-Infrared & Red-light panel by LEDPlatinum5
Near-Infrared & Red-light panel by LEDPlatinum3
Near-Infrared & Red-light panel by LEDPlatinum2

Full body Red-light panel (Platinum Therapy Lights)


Clinical research suggests that red light wavelengths and near-infrared wavelengths work best delivered in tandem, delivering a greater range of benefits to the body’s cells and tissues. Platinum Therapy Light’s combination (R/NIR) models can be switched to provide only 660nm or 850nm at one time in addition to both being used at the same time. This provides added flexibility to the user as well as giving the option to select a panel that focuses only on one frequency according to your individual needs. Due to this versatile range of benefits and treatment options, the ‘combination red and near-infrared’ configuration is our most popular choice.

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