Getting Started

Step-by-step Instructions:

Please review the process of starting HBOT in your home below.

Take the time to review the scientific literature on HBOT for your specific medical condition. The Research tab of this website has research provided by the International Hyperbaric Association and is a good place to start. However, a wealth of other literature exists; please schedule and information session with us for inquiries about more research. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE INFORMATION SESSION (no charge).

The purpose of this phone consult is to:

  • List your health/wellness concerns so Dr. Laude can conduct a preliminary research review
  • provide basic information about our services
  • answer general questions

For m-HBOT to be effective, most protocols stipulate treatments need to completed 5 days per week for 4 weeks. Each session is approximately 65 minutes. In fact, people tend to see the best results when 2 sessions are performed per day.

You must have a prescription to receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT); we can work with your current physician or refer you to an HBOT of Idaho trained physician.  A prescription is needed to help determine whether you have contraindications for HBOT and outline the parameters for treatment.

If you work with your primary care physician, your paperwork will be sent to HBOT of Idaho via fax or email and you will not ned to send it to us. Once we receive the prescription, we will provide you with the lease and instructions for making space for your chamber.

We will charge your credit card once we receive the credit card authorization form.

Once payment is processed, HBOT of Idaho will call you within 24 hours to schedule your chamber delivery.

HBOT of Idaho will deliver the chamber to your home. Our staff will assemble the chamber within 20 minutes. Afterwards, Dr. Laude will coach you through how to use the equipment, clear your ears etc (takes approximately 30 minutes). You will have access to Dr. Laude for any questions or concerns for the duration of your rental; she checks in with patients once/twice daily for the first 1-2 days the first week and once weekly thereafter.

You should begin the HBOT treatment protocol as soon as you receive the chamber. HBOT of Idaho will check in with you by phone for the first 2 sessions and weekly by phone or email through the duration of your rental.

HBOT of Idaho requires that you follow-up with your physician after 1 month of HBOT. Dr. Tarter offers follow-up visits by phone (telemedicine).

We also recommend, but do not require, follow-up visits every 5-10 sessions, as needed. This is suggested because some of our patients have found they need to titrate down or come off of certain medications during or following HBOT treatment.