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What Inspired Our Business?

Hyperbaric Oxygen of Idaho was founded with the goal of bringing deep healing to the chronically ill.

Our founder, Dr. Jennifer Laude, PhD, was drawn to this therapy after learning her father and sister had rare autoimmune conditions (for which there was no approved treatment) and her mother was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and arthritis, which caused her great pain. After seeing remarkable results using Hyperbaric Oxygen within her own family, Dr. Laude became passionate about bringing this therapy to the community and working to educate people about its many benefits.

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About Our Business

With each case study Dr. Laude reviewed demonstrating a significant clinical improvement using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, she was surprised this treatment was not more popular. After conducting market research, she realized it was uncommon because of the high cost and issues with insurance companies, both of which variables have been eliminated in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Idaho’s business model. Another factor was the wealth of misleading information on the internet. In fact, Dr. Laude recalls that trying hyperbarics for her family was a difficult decision.

“The internet made it a difficult decision because there was so much conflicting and sometimes negative information about low pressure hyperbarics online. After years in this business and witnessing countless people reclaim their lives, I am confident this content is driven by profit-oriented systems not genuinely interested in keeping you well.”

Dr. Laude began to research therapies that work synergistically with low pressure hyperbarics and HBOT of Idaho now offers red light and PEMF therapies for in-home rental or purchase.

“Of course there are people who need to be seen in a clinic setting, but by and large, our patients appreciate the lower cost and convenience of doing hyperbarics, PEMF and red light in their home. I also love seeing patients succeed and performing twice-daily treatments in-home greatly increases compliance!”

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As a trained neuroscientist, I became particularly interested in the clinical evidence showing that hyperbaric oxygen therapy could regenerate neurons in the brain. It would seem this therapy should be part of the standard of care for stroke recovery, Alzheimer’s, or TBI patients.

– Dr. Jennifer Laude, Founder, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Idaho

During my time at Stanford University, I began seeing serious limitations of the models applied in medical research. Desperate to find something to help my family, I spent years pouring over the scientific literature. Finally, I came across Hyperbaric Oxygen. There was undeniable evidence this therapy brought relief and deep healing to a range of previously helpless, chronically-ill patients. This therapy brought hope to the hopeless! I read countless case studies, met some of the leading researchers in the field, and spoke with world-renowned physicians about the apparent dissociation between research and practice. After great deliberation, I knew it was time to change my path, leave Stanford, and work towards actually helping people heal. I must say, I have witnessed seemingly miraculous recoveries and have confirmed a suspicion that had developed as I become more involved in medical research: the body possess an innate intelligence that medical research may never fully grasp. Within each person, is the capacity to heal; hyperbaric oxygen simply supplies the body with the energy it needs to heal itself.

– Dr. Jennifer Laude, Founder, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Idaho